Aqua Quest The Tote Review

Aqua Quest The Tote Review

aqua quest the tote review

For anyone who needs an outdoor sports backpack that will stay dry in even the most wet conditions, the Aqua-Quest ‘The Tote’ is a great solution with affordable price tag.aqua_quest_the_tote_review_4

Featuring a very waterproof design, ‘The Tote’ is great for outdoor activities including boating, kayaking, surfing and hiking etc.

Any time you’re going out into an environment that you’re likely to get wet in, this backpack is the perfect solution.

As the best waterproof backpack for outdoor activities, ‘The Tote’ has many great uses. A word to note though, that while this is a great bag for adventuring, it isn’t the most practical for daily use in the city.

Aqua Quest The Tote Review: – Design.

‘The Tote’ is one of the most durable backpacks in its category out there. It is designed to be tough and stand up to all sorts of climates and environments.

The bag seals by folding down on itself multiple times, and can be folded down or expanded as your storage needs change.

This backpack was crafted to be completely waterproof and rugged, all while remaining comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

A few of the specifics of this bag are:

  • Crafted out of Oxford 400D RipStop
  • Material is coated in TPU Lamination and Dupont DWR Coating for extra strength and water resistance
  • Adjustable in size to fit many body frames
  • Features reflective logos with night safety in mind
  • Can be carried as a backpack or as a duffel bag
  • Holds around 1200 cu. in. or 20 L of items and supplies.
  • Measures 24”x16” flat, and 18”x16” closed
  • Empty weight is .8 lbs.
  • Comes in an appealing charcoal color with red accenting

Its solid construction makes it an outstanding and useful bag for a number of different outdoors situations where protection from the elements is crucial.

When protecting your things from water damage, be sure to go with a reliable choice that will keep your property safe.

Aqua Quest The Tote Review :- Features 

aqua_quest_the_tote_review_1I’ve enjoyed surfing for a long time now and I need a bag to take to the beach with me that will be able to hold up to an unexpected rain shower or the tide moving in just a little bit too far.

Many other backpacks were just too big and bulky to carry around on the beach, but I enjoy how ‘The Tote’ can fold down in size as my needs see fit.

Since this bag can also conveniently be carried as a duffel bag, it gives me a couple of different options.

The first time that this bag got wet while I had it out was an afternoon that rain unexpectedly set in before I was able to get back to shore and then to my car.

Apart from a little bit of sand stuck to the outside (which easily wiped off), ‘The Tote’ remained perfectly dry and everything inside was safe from the rain.

Since then, this has proved one of the most durable backpacks for the beach by withstanding a number of different encounters with water, including being moved around the shore by the waves.

Aqua Quest The Tote Review:- Unique Features.

My favorite quality is just how waterproof this backpack is. Anyone needing an outdoor sports backpack for extremely wet conditions would be lucky to go with ‘The Tote’.

This Aqua Quest backpack can withstand harsh encounters with water, including unforgiving salt water waves.aqua_quest_the_tote_review_2

I have no hesitation leaving my phone, camera and other water-sensitive items in there when I’m out on the surf.

The only negative that I found is that it is not the most ideal or stylish backpack to use for day to day commuting in the city, although it may fit the needs of some city residents.

For me though, I think it is ideal for my outdoors treks, especially in places like the beach where I am likely to come into contact with some water.


I think that anyone who is around water as much as I am, such as surfers, boaters, kayakers and hikers / canyoneers.

While not the most practical bag or attractive bag for city carrying, these durable backpacks get the job done right in the outdoors.

If you need a dependable bag that will hold up to whatever kind of wet conditions you throw at it, then ‘The Tote’ may be the best waterproof backpack in its price range out there.

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