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Intex 10×30 Easy Set Pool Review

Intex 10-Foot-by-30-Inches Inflatable Pool Review


My aunt Linda has a really small garden, yet she’s so keen on getting herself and her two little girls a pool.

As she’s somewhat of a computer illiterate, she askeed me if i could do some research for her regarding a smaller pool that would fit her needs.

I browsed through amazon and other sites selling pools, and finally found this Intex 10 foot by 30 inches inflatable pool, that would suit her great! I decided to do some research and document my research  and here’s what I found out.


Intex 10×30 Easy Set Pool Review: – Specifications

Intex-10x30-Easy-Set-Pool-ReviewThis circular pool measures 10 foot by 30 inches, and is made out of 3 layers of durable PVC, and has an inner layer of polyester mesh for even greater durability.

The water capacity is 1018 gallons when the pool is fully inflated. Inflate the top ring of this Easy Set pool and fill the pool with water, is all you need to do for setup.

This Intex 10 foot pool does not come with a pump, and if you plan to use your pool continuously, I would suggest you get one.


Intex 10×30 Easy Set Pool Review: – Features

The pool is big enough for 2 adults or 3-4 kids. It’s a perfect pool for the smaller garden or if you just need a pool to enjoy with smaller kids during hot summer days.

As all other Inflatable pools, this inflatable 10 foot poolneeds to be on a level surface to not become lopsided or risk to break.

It takes some time to fill the pool with water so don’t expect it to be ready to jump in until a few hours after you set it up.

It’s a great pool for getting kids used to water, and for them to learn how to swim. The downside to this pool, is that it does not come with a filter pump.

This means that there’s no way to keep the water clean, and i would highly suggest you buy a pump to go with your pool.

Here are the pros of this Intex 10 Foot Inflatable Pool

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Features” style=”3″] [wpsm_list type=”bullet” hover=”1″ gap=”small” ]
  • Perfect for the smaller garden
  • Great first pool for smaller kids
  • Easy setup
  • Very durable
[/wpsm_list] [/wpsm_titlebox]

I think you can guess what I would like to mention as the biggest con of this pool. The missing filter pump does not make sense to me.

However, if you only plan to use the pool for 1-2 days at a time and then drain it, this pool is great even without a pump.


Intex 10×30 Easy Set Pool Review: – Customers Views

Intex-10x30-Easy-Set-Pool-Review_1I like to share other customers opinions as I think they are the best advocates of a product. So here are what some other customers of this Intex 10 foot inflatble pool are saying

“Living in a city with a small yard and no beach in site, this is my savior!” – JayeBike

“I highly recommend this pool for beginner swimmers” – starr

“The construction on the pool is great, quality of the pool gets an A+ and the set up is so easy and fast.” – E.R.M

To read more user reviews, and to get the latest price info. Please check out the product page at Amazon.


Intex 10×30 Easy Set Pool Review: –Conclusion

All in all, this is a great pool. For a smaller garden, or a single parent that needs a smaller pool, this is a great option.

Just make sure you buy a pump for this if you plan to use it for more than a few days in a row, buy your Intex Inflatable 10 foot Easy set pool today!




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