Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center Pool Review

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center Pool Review


My brother was asking me if I could look up a kiddie pool for his younger kid and her 3 year old brother to enjoy this summer.

I did my usual routine, and soon found a great option for their family. The Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center.


Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center Pool Review:- Features

This is one feature packed kiddie pool! It consists out of two circular pools, which are inflated separately. There is an inflatable slide between the pools, and a ball roller game in one of the pools.Intex-Rainbow-Ring-Pool-Play-Center-Pool-Review_3

The other pool holds a rainbow, a ring throwing target as well as a ball throwing target (6 balls included) and a water sprayer that connects to the garden hose.

A repair patch is also included in the package. The setup is really easy, as you just unfold the pool, spread it and start inflating the walls, either by pump or by using your lungs.

After that’s done you need to inflate the slide and the additional features manually. Then just fill it with fresh water (fully inflated, the pool holds approx. 100 gallons), and you’re set to go!

The Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center is made out of durable PVC and should hold well for the wear and tear little children can put onto it. There’s a drain valve at the bottom of each pool, which makes draining it a breeze.


Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center Pool Review:-

Intex-Rainbow-Ring-Pool-Play-Center-Pool-Review_2From what I have learned, this is the ultimate play center for preschool kids! The amount of fun to bed had in this kiddie pool is enormous.

The water sprayer that connects to your garden hose sprays in and around the pool, and kids go crazy for it. Jumping between the pools and sliding down the little slide seem to be other favorite activities.

Having reviewed a few Intex pools before, I was sure about the quality aspect, but not about the playfulness.

It seems like they have their childhood mindsets intact at Intex, because this Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center is the real deal!

Here are the pros with this Intex Rainbow Pool from my viewpoint:

  • Very easy setup
  • Versatile for play
  • Durable
  • FUN!

The only con I have been able to find is that it is a bit of a hassle to clean it, since there are so many parts and features to this kiddie pool.

But I would not call that a major drawback, compared to all the positive features this pool play center has.


Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center Pool Review:- Customer opinions

Here is what some other customers are saying about this Intex Pool Play CenterIntex-Rainbow-Ring-Pool-Play-Center-Pool-Review_1

“I highly recommend.” – G.J.H

“All in all, the best fun-related purchase I’ve ever made for my child.” – MarleysMommie

“loved it and we will get another one!!” – jt

Read more reviews, and get the latest price update at Amazon!

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center Pool Review:- Conclusion

I am pretty convinced this Pool Play Center will be a huge hit with my brother and his kids. I just hope my brother can keep up! I have a hard time seeing how anyone could find a better kiddie pool at this price.

This product is highly recommended. Get your Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center today!


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